Late to the party

Y'all are late to the party

Vogue girls love Birkenstocks


A light from above?

St Peter’s Basilica, Vatican City. Minutes before I was blessed by the Pope, hours before he resigned. Hope he didn’t feel my non-Catholic spirit in the audience and give up.

Juiced… for work


So it’s been a week since this sugary madness began. Now it’s finally over. No, I wasn’t hungry. Never, nope, not even once. But I was cold all the time (Odd because it’s 30 degrees outside – this ain’t to Canadian winter folks!). I was super energetic in the morning but by the time ‘lunch’ rolled around, my brain had started to slow down and I felt cold and a bit dumb…not to mention a tad grumpy-ish. I managed to hit up Flywheel after work and although the classes felt like death, I felt more alive than ever… once they were over. I loved that the juices changed every day, but I hated that every afternoon one of my juices always had cabbage in it. Cabbage. Really? REALLY? The only place cabbage is OK is in borscht and in the form of saurkraut in a big fat reuben sandwich with a big fat kosher dill. Hang tight because in the next few weeks you’ll be able to read allll about it in Friday magazine.