Juiced… for work


So it’s been a week since this sugary madness began. Now it’s finally over. No, I wasn’t hungry. Never, nope, not even once. But I was cold all the time (Odd because it’s 30 degrees outside – this ain’t to Canadian winter folks!). I was super energetic in the morning but by the time ‘lunch’ rolled around, my brain had started to slow down and I felt cold and a bit dumb…not to mention a tad grumpy-ish. I managed to hit up Flywheel after work and although the classes felt like death, I felt more alive than ever… once they were over. I loved that the juices changed every day, but I hated that every afternoon one of my juices always had cabbage in it. Cabbage. Really? REALLY? The only place cabbage is OK is in borscht and in the form of saurkraut in a big fat reuben sandwich with a big fat kosher dill. Hang tight because in the next few weeks you’ll be able to read allll about it in Friday magazine.


detox… the day before

The features editor for one of the magazines I work on asked if I’d try a three-month detox and health plan and write about it for the magazine. She said this clinic’s approach  was like nothing she’d ever seen before. Curious, I agreed to give it a go.

The first two weeks I’ll be on a detox programme then after that, they’re going to create a menu for me to follow for the remainder of the three months.

Each day of the detox is a little different… On day one I’m only allowed to eat fruits and almonds. I’ve already planned my breakfast smoothie (banana, frozen mango, frozen strawberries, kiwi) and I’ve packed up my lunch and snacks for the day (almonds, green tea with mint, apple, grapes, kiwi, dates, tomatoes).Image

Dreading days four and eight where all I’m allowed to eat are bananas and yoghurt. eww.

Wish me luck…