(this week) I WILL…

This week started a little…weak. So i need to re-set and make a few promises to myself.

1. Wake up for work with a ‘woo-hoo!’ instead of a groan, even if I have to fake it.

2. Get my morning-hating butt up early enough to make two eggs and one tomato for breakfast. NO bananas on the go.

3. Flywheel on Monday, Tuesday and Friday – and if i’m feeling perky, Thursday morning at 7 (but let’s not get too excited about that one)

4. CrossFit on Monday and Wednesday

5. Go to bed by 10pm each night

6. Fill out my passport renewal application

7. Send back my dress to JCrew.com

8. Meet friends every evening to catch up on the day (no crappy food that will undo all the good effort I put in at CrossFit and Flywheel!)

9. Hit the beach on BOTH days this weekend (buy a new umbrella!)

10. Banish all negative thoughts while at work. Laugh it up!

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