These girls are so fierce it blows my mind.

I’m half-way through a month-long CrossFit trial period, which I’m going to write about for work and it is absolutely incredible. As I park my car outside the box (that’s what CrossFit gyms are called – see? I’m down with the lingo! ha) three nights a week, my heart starts to race – a combo of nerves (what the hell crazy shiz are they going to make us do today? will I be able to do it or will I look like a sweaty pudge-fest?) and excitement (the most fun you can have in a gym, friendly and encouraging athletes).

When my trial month is over I am DEFINITELY signing up so I can continue to come twice a week. I already feel my cycling at Flywheel is getting stronger as a result (even though I haven’t managed push back into the 300s again). I feel more energetic, more motivated, more hungry, more tired, more excited, more sweaty and all-round more awesome.

Makes me think one day I could even get back into Adventure Racing.


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