everything is political

Just over a year ago, I attended a lecture in Winnipeg given by Salman Rushdie. He spoke about how literature – even fiction – is often overlooked as a tool for social commentary.

We often turn to our old-faithful media outlets, opinion pages and magazines to find out what’s happening…or scroll through the web archives to find out what happened… but literature too has the capacity to reveal the pulse of a people – and unlike yesterday’s paper – it can stand the test of time.

Art, I believe, can do the same thing.

This year at Art Dubai, many of the pieces were obviously political – particularly with regards to the recent uprisings that continue across the region.But some offered a more subtle comment on the social climate, and the culture.

**Forgot my SLR so this is how my iphone saw the night.

It was an amazing night. Unfortunately, I was sick that weekend so I missed all the parties and only made it there one day. Definitely not enough time to take it all in. But I still met some really interesting people, had some good conversations and drank three bottles of overpriced water.

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