spring and Christmas

I’m way off here seeing as it’s winter and the top half of the northern hemisphere is blanketed with snow, or at the very least has thrown on an extra layer.  But being here in the heat my sense of timing is all thrown off. So this post is a bit random. But I just can’t resist. I LOVE this idea.

Pothole gardening! I stumbled upon this little gem of an idea here but it’s the handiwork of Pete Dungey.

It kind of reminds me of a story I did on guerrilla gardens when I lived in London. In the early summer, lots of the curbs were beaten up pretty badly from the snow clearing machines and cars accidentally driving up on them so the grass in the corners of the boulevard was all torn up.

A group of people – the guerrilla gardeners – hit those corners on the weekend and planted flowers so they wouldn’t be such an eye-sore for the neighbourhood.


Also, if you need to get into the Christmas spirit, or even if you are already, have a listen to the the Vinyl Cafe’s Christmas episode.


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