National Day

On this date in 1971, the sheikdoms of the Arabian peninsula gained independence from British rule and the party began.

Tonight, the city is alive as friends and families head out on the town. Starting at around 4:30 or so I started to hear a lot of honking outside and I could tell that the traffic in front of my apartment had started to back up already. I don’t even live facing the road but the noise was still insane.

I headed out a little while ago and the traffic was still completely gridlocked. As I crossed the street I expected to see drivers looking angry and impatient – instead what I saw was cars packed full for people with their windows rolled down, music blaring… On my way home some young guys blasted an explosion confetti out their car window at me and waved. Cars have flags on them, but not like in Canada where people might put a small one above their window…no.  It’s serious business…

A few days ago at the gas station, I came across this guy…

And the traffic as I made my way home tonight… I should add that it was at a COMPLETE standstill.

Oh boy…now people seem to be having a battle of noisemakers. You know the ones at hockey and football games? Ya, those.

Well, happy birthday United Arab Emirates! Thanks for welcoming me into your hot and sandy land.


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