five more minutes. . . .

I’m definitely not a morning person. The sound of an alarm clock jolting me from my slumber makes me angry. I’ve even tried hooking my ipod up to my speakers and waking to Broken Social Scene’s I slept with bonhomme at the CBC. That helped slightly, but I still prefer to wake up on my own time – when my body says so.

But I don’t know that even I could ever wake up on the wrong side of the bed in this home.

Although I like specific elements (though perhaps not all together), the design is a bit startling.  That said, it looks so alive. Something I’m not in the morning…

Whatever your personal feelings are about this Charlie and the Chocolate Factory-style home – it’s impossible to deny that designer, Ghislaine Viñas has a remarkably creative mind.

My favourite elements? The yellow island in the kitchen, the chandelier made of ping-pong balls in the foyer, the Canada flag-esque three-panel art in the living room, the green, brown, white and black colour pallete in the master bedroom.


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