birthday greetings from the Middle East

Today is my friend Caroline’s birthday.  I can’t really give her a card or a gift since I’m all the way in Dubai and she’s all the way in Canada so I think I’ll just post a link that I know she’ll like.  You see, Caroline and I (along with her cousin who was visiting from Ireland) went to see Caribou a few weeks ago at the Pyramid.  It was an amazing, amazing show.  Mind-blowing music, really.  So in light of all this, today’s post is dedicated to her.

I think she’ll like this little A&A (The Moment’s version of a Q&A).

Happy Birthday Caroline!


One thought on “birthday greetings from the Middle East

  1. Thanks Anna for the birthday wishes and the article!! I wish he would have talked a bit more about the mathematical elements in his music. I find that so cool and nerdy – a perfect balance of the two actually.

    The pictures of Dubai are amazing! Keep them coming

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