Dubai medical tests

On my job application they asked and so I told them.  I don’t have TB, HIV, Hepatitis, or a heart condition.  But merely saying so isn’t enough.  Everyone who moves to Dubai must take a blood test and have a chest x-ray.

So this morning I headed down to the HR department to wait for my ride to the clinic where they do the medical tests.  Once all the new arrivals were there, we crammed seven people into a five person car and made our way to the clinic.  As soon as we arrived, we saw a line snaked up and down several times – like Disneyland minus the whole “happiest place on earth” bit.  Fans, suspended from the ceiling, were blowing air around in a vain attempt to keep the new expats cool while they waited to get inside.  One of the Kiwi women I was with said that although the wind and fans are a nice relief from the heat of summer at home, here, they feel more like a hair dryer blasting hot air at you.

The clinic sees 4000 new people each day and wait times are 4 hours long.  Shaukut, our HR “fixer” led us right past the outdoor line through the crowds and right up front where we were x-rayed and poked without a delay.


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