Marina Abramović made me cry.

44 minutes.

90 minutes.

23 minutes.

6 minutes.

Marina Abramović sits at a table in silence, and museum guests can sit across from her and stare.

“Performance art is about presence. It’s all about energy, which is invisible, in a way. You go through purification, you elevate your consciousness, and that really affects the audience. So, that exact point of danger is what puts my mind and body in the here and now time. The public knows it and they are there with me…I stage this kind of situation in performance in order to get to the point of elevating the mind. But when you elevate your mind, automatically it is transmitted to the public. That’s why it becomes so emotional. This is why people come and cry.”

Marina Abramović: The Artist is Present

A creative soul started Marina Abramović made me cry, a tumblr about it.

People amaze me.


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