earth day.

There’s no shortage of carbon emitting folks with guilt out there and I suppose that’s how we can account for the popularity of carbon offset programs.  Seems like a good idea in principle.  Take a plane to a sunny destination,  fork over some cash to an organization that will give a percentage of your money to an ‘earth friendly’ program that will neutralize that damage you’ve done.  Everyone goes home happy.  The polluter’s conscience is eased, the carbon offset company make a buck, and the environment benefits from another tree being planted or a windmill being built with your money. 

Sure, it creates a niche where climate change can fits neatly into the market economy, thereby encouraging market development…but i’m not sure it does much more than that.  It’s possible that all it does is distract us from changing the habits that cause us to buy carbon offset credits in the first place.

It’s something…a start.  But I’m not sure it’s good enough. 

[photo via this is heartbreak]

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