the best coast

After work, we’d drive along the evangeline trail into the heart of the annapolis valley.  rolling hills, vast fields, vinyards, apple orchards, kids playing..  our car would be full of friends in bathing suits and towels, summer music blaring, windows rolled down…  Once we arrived at the old white house along the river, we’d pile out of the car and approach the kids playing in the yard, “are you parents here?”.  …We made our way to the pile of inner tubes stacked up by the family’s shed and chose the best tubes of the bunch.  After paying 2 dollars each for our tube rental, we made our way to the launch point along the river.  The ride is swift but relaxing.  There is no better way to spend an afternoon than to sit in a tube and let the current carry you along the curves of the Gaspereau River.  

The summers were so sticky.  the frequent rain was always welcome relief from the hot dense air that that hung all around us.  on those summer nights after tubing we’d go to paddy’s- the local pub and brewery.  ….The table getting more and more crammed as friends arrived, pulling up chairs and pushing tables together…one more pitcher of acadia pale ale. 

Living in that small university town, you were always meeting people.  But the summers were different.  Somehow we managed to know everyone who stayed in town. i mean really know them.  by the end of the night you’d have spoken to everyone in the pub.  made new friends, made plans to meet on the patio of the axe on friday after work, made plans to meet at the saturday farmer’s market to pick up some veggies and eat chocolate cake for breakfast, plans for apple blossom festival parties, made plans to do it all again next week…


[photos via great earth expeditions]


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