my recent onset of negativity has transgressed beyond its day-long bouts into the realm of my sleep.  yes, it seems as though negativity has decided it will prevent me from sleeping at night (why sleep when you can think about terrible things instead? much more fun) and once it finally gives in and i am allowed to rest for a few short hours, my dreams are usually nightmares.  so in the interest of turning things around, i’m going to create a list of things to look forward to in the semi-near future:

Tom Petty concert (June)

Xavier Rudd concert (May)

Folk Festival (July)

Camping (god knows when…whenever it’s bloody warm enough – oops that’s negative…  correction: in the SUMMER!)

Bike race training

Half-marathon training (for October 17)

Weekend trips to Ontario to visit friends

A well-paying, permanent job with benefits and friendly co-workers

Possibly a trip to Egypt and Switzerland this summer

Do you feel sorry for me yet? Well, don’t.

Things are turning around…

Happy St. Patrick’s Day


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