party in the city when the heat is on

bienvenido a miami.

ahhhh, home to the shortest of shorts, sleeveless shirts for men, roller blades, neon and art deco.  last week it was host to the infamous art basel miami (and what looks to me like some pretty epic parties).

last winter i was supposed to attend a party (probably not quite as…..’je ne sais quois’ as the ones at art basel) at the graffiti gallery to celebrate the opening of a show that featured cdn graffiti artists who took their pens and paint to the canvas of chuck taylor sneakers.  being a HUGE fan of chuck and an avid promoter of street art, i naturally jumped at the invite.  but my friend’s dog got stolen that afternoon so it put a damper on our plans.  instead we stayed in, designed LOST posters and recounted the story for the police.  the dog was recovered the next day (but not without a cash reward to the theif who steals pooches for money. sicko).

although the party didn’t quite pan out, later i made it to the exhibition one sunday afternoon and to my delight, there was a DJ spin class happening at the same time.  so while we purused the footwear all decked out, we got to hear some of the city’s young, up-and-coming DJs spin.  no ipods or macbooks here. real DJs.

this weekend i’ll be hitting up a party at another gallery in town to mingle with some collectors and canadian artists as well as check out some of the gallery’s new pieces.  the last art party i went to was a show and fundraiser for MAWA.   i interviewed 5 people, took 77 photos (sorry, I can’t seem to find them…), then ate three cupcakes with pink icing.  yup, THREE (well, technically it was two, plus one for the road).  i’m pretty sure this will be more about flutes of champagne and seared tuna with wasabi butter sauce, but that’s fine with me.  

i’m pumpity pumped.


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