scarves as lampshades, scarves as curtains, scarves as scarves, 2-hour midday naps, last minute plans, midnight plans, nothing nights that turn into best nights ever, love actually, no tv, someone’s always around, living in a bubble, chocolate/cheesecake muffins, tim hortons is too far away, plus we support local – everything local, province wide power outages, snowstorms, hurricanes, i’m the shit music, refusing to ‘amy out’, freezing apartments, scortching apartments, paper lanterns, the potency of cow manure, inhaling the potency of cow manure as you breathe through your mouth to avoid the smell, all-nighters (never to finish work), music music music, morning movies, should we do surround sound?, the roof, obsessing over money plans which had nothing to do with money at all (which later became yen plans – big money), never quite cashing the cheque, having no money, having everything.

train flying unsolvedmysteries


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