kindred times and future goodbyes


‘kindred times and future goodbyes’ took place in an old, abandoned house in Tel Aviv.  the artists kept the location of their show a secret until the day of, when they announced it on their blog





Here’s what the artists had to say about their work:

“The wall paintings are a new periodic layer of paint that add on to the already existing peeled layers of time. The artists use these longstanding layers, which represent remains of personal stories and traces of memories, absorbing the existing textures and inhabiting the building with their artistic and contemporary interpretation. Although the new layer of paint created for this exhibition is soon to become covered with new layers of a renovated building, it is added to a pool of memories which can’t be evaded and enriches it, when it is bound to be preserved between layers of past and future times.”

I wish i could have been there.  Amazing.

Thanks to Meighan.


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