“you suck awesome”

the first time i heard elliott brood, i was driving home one sunny, summer afternoon.  it was hot and the traffic was thick with the hustle of cyclists, motorists and buses all trying to make it home to enjoy the rest of the day.  me, my windows were rolled down (like usual) and the dial was turned to 98.3FM – CBC Radio 2.  rich terfry promised an exciting new song from one of canada’s best.  and he delivered. 

the music felt like a kitchen party and immediately i began to tap my foot to the beat as this wave of nostalgia for my nova scotia life washed over me.  no, these boys aren’t from atlantic canada.  but their strummy rhythm and careless banjo was reminiscent of this former life of mine. 

last night, my friend caroline and i were lucky enough to hear them live at the west end cultural centre, mere footsteps from where i first heard them on the radio that summer afternoon.    they passed around aluminum trays, baking sheets, tambourines, and wooden spoons so the crowd could help keep time.  the room was packed and everyone had a foot-stomping good time.


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