my adventures in La-La land


i had a lovely, relaxing little adventure this weekend in the city of angels.  there is definitely something very dream-like and almost surreal about the place.  i can’t quite pinpoit it though.  it has this sort of laid-back, careless vibe that’s pretty intoxicating.  that is, until you venture onto the freeway.  but i was surprised to find that the drivers are pretty nice.  i guess everyone’s resigned to the fact that they have to spend half their day in the car to get anywhere.  probably because they know that wherever they’re going, it’s well worth the wait.  i enjoyed the sunshine and warmth, took a yoga class, went to the beach…venice, santa monica, hollywood, westhollywood, topanga canyon, malibu, zuma beach, watched surfers, befriended some lifeguards, saw lauren bosworth (a la The Hills), saw a sydney pollack look-a-like (thought it really WAS him until my dad informed me that he died last spring), ate amazing mexican, enjoyed some fro-yo (frozen yogurt)…….. all in all, a fantastic day and a half.   to borrow a phrase of the sunshine state’s governor: “I’ll be back.”


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