bring back my sunny day

a surprising injection of colour for a wet and stormy day.  this is really, really incredible.  if i had some extra money floating around i’d definitely find a space for one of these.  i know it’s not really seasonally appropriate, but her use of colour really helps to capture the stories in her images. 

2 - Rachell__Sumpter_Islander_2009_1351_971 - Rachell__Sumpter_Finery_2009_1366_973 - Rachell__Sumpter_Off_to_the_Land_of_Nod_2009_1373_974 - Rachell__Sumpter_Jammin_With_The_Dead_2007_889_97Rachell__Sumpter_Styx_2007_926_975 - Rachell__Sumpter_Grand_Finale_2007_869_97

funnily enough, i actually learned about rachell sumpter while reading air canada’s enroute magazine.  i believe i was en route from toronto to winnipeg.  after a while, my national geographic and vogue got a little tired and i realized i’d already seen every episode of ‘extras’ on the personal tv’s…so i picked up the in flight magazine.  i should really do that more often.  clearly, it’s a whole lot more than just airline menus, in flight entertainment schedules and airport maps…


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