you know you’re at folk fest when…

dreadlocks, tattoos, barefeet, grass, cool nights, big skies, new friends, foot massages, free hugs, patrick watson, dala, t. nile, great lake swimmers, xavier rudd, loreena mckinnet, vegan brownies, grass stains, muddy feet, greens, bell orchestre, alex cuba, iron and wine, okkervil river, workshops, fred penner, phil fontaine, gian ghomeshi, CBC radio, ankle warmers, wrist warmers, socks with sandals, blankets, port a potties, families, do you want some real reggae music?, seniors, painting, dancing, group artwork, knitting a fort among the trees, offers for free embroidery lessons, kindness of a stranger, compost, hemp milk, plate refunds and biodegradable cutlery, spiced mate, handmade village, devil sticks, peace love peace love, sunshine and freedom.


you know you’re at folk fest when the garbage cans are less than half full but the recycling bins are overflowing.


2 thoughts on “you know you’re at folk fest when…

  1. Oh Anna I love it. And what’s more- you have just described my neighbourhood in Vancouver… worlds colliding and I’m loving the explosion.

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