the vortex funnel house

i believe that humans are inherently creative.  but there are some who defy all ordinary parameters and take it to the next level.  Dan Havel and Dean Ruck are two wondrous examples.


They built this house in Houston, Texas – who’d have thought, right?  Anyways, they did it by peeling the formerly flat side of the house off and re-forming it into the vortex we see here.  Cool, eh? 

In other news…

Jose Gonzalez was cancelled due to a family emergency.  Sad days.  He truly did leave a lovestain on my heart.  ah well, it’s for another day.

Got my first issue of Vice Magazine in the mail today.  Let the obscene take on pop culture and everything hipster begin.  Thanks Dr. BD for the lovely b-day gift.

2 thoughts on “the vortex funnel house

  1. That magazine must be very obscene, my office network restricts me from access…

    Keep blogging anna, it entertains me.

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