These girls are so fierce it blows my mind.

I’m half-way through a month-long CrossFit trial period, which I’m going to write about for work and it is absolutely incredible. As I park my car outside the box (that’s what CrossFit gyms are called – see? I’m down with the lingo! ha) three nights a week, my heart starts to race – a combo of nerves (what the hell crazy shiz are they going to make us do today? will I be able to do it or will I look like a sweaty pudge-fest?) and excitement (the most fun you can have in a gym, friendly and encouraging athletes).

When my trial month is over I am DEFINITELY signing up so I can continue to come twice a week. I already feel my cycling at Flywheel is getting stronger as a result (even though I haven’t managed push back into the 300s again). I feel more energetic, more motivated, more hungry, more tired, more excited, more sweaty and all-round more awesome.

Makes me think one day I could even get back into Adventure Racing.

(this week) I WILL…

This week started a little…weak. So i need to re-set and make a few promises to myself.

1. Wake up for work with a ‘woo-hoo!’ instead of a groan, even if I have to fake it.

2. Get my morning-hating butt up early enough to make two eggs and one tomato for breakfast. NO bananas on the go.

3. Flywheel on Monday, Tuesday and Friday – and if i’m feeling perky, Thursday morning at 7 (but let’s not get too excited about that one)

4. CrossFit on Monday and Wednesday

5. Go to bed by 10pm each night

6. Fill out my passport renewal application

7. Send back my dress to

8. Meet friends every evening to catch up on the day (no crappy food that will undo all the good effort I put in at CrossFit and Flywheel!)

9. Hit the beach on BOTH days this weekend (buy a new umbrella!)

10. Banish all negative thoughts while at work. Laugh it up!

Juiced… for work


So it’s been a week since this sugary madness began. Now it’s finally over. No, I wasn’t hungry. Never, nope, not even once. But I was cold all the time (Odd because it’s 30 degrees outside – this ain’t to Canadian winter folks!). I was super energetic in the morning but by the time ‘lunch’ rolled around, my brain had started to slow down and I felt cold and a bit dumb…not to mention a tad grumpy-ish. I managed to hit up Flywheel after work and although the classes felt like death, I felt more alive than ever… once they were over. I loved that the juices changed every day, but I hated that every afternoon one of my juices always had cabbage in it. Cabbage. Really? REALLY? The only place cabbage is OK is in borscht and in the form of saurkraut in a big fat reuben sandwich with a big fat kosher dill. Hang tight because in the next few weeks you’ll be able to read allll about it in Friday magazine.